District Overview

The Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District (CUWCD) was created in 1989 by the 71st Texas Legislature (HB 3172). Although the legislation authorizing the district passed in 1989, the district did not exist until it was confirmed by the voters of Bell County in an election held in August 1999. At that time, voters elected a board of five directors. Directors are now elected by county precincts in staggered terms of 4 years. Funding for the district comes from ad valorem taxes at a current rate of $.0040/$100 valuation.

The District’s jurisdiction includes all of Bell County – approximately 1,055 square miles. There are two major aquifers located within the district the Edwards (BFZ) aquifer and the Trinity. Currently, the District is funding scientific research to understand the hydrogeology that makes the water flow. This information will allow the district to make decisions on water availability.

The District is governed by Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code (TWC). Chapter 36 states that groundwater districts are the preferred method for groundwater management. And, it gives the District the authority to issue permits and set regulations for managing the underground water resources. From this authority, the District has adopted Rules and Regulations and a Management Plan. These documents can be accessed from the main menu of our website.


Our Purpose

  • Protect the underground water resources of Bell County.
  • Support and promote public education and conservation of Bell County’s water resources.


Our Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure the efficient use of groundwater
  • Control and prevent groundwater waste
  • Address conjunctive surface water management
  • Address natural resource issues
  • Establish public/private partnerships.


Our Authority

  • Undertake various studies
  • Adopt a management plan
  • Establish a program for the permitting of certain wells
  • Establish programs to achieve its statutory mandates
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