District Bylaws

The Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District (“District”) was created by Resolution of the Commissioners Court of Bell County, Texas, pursuant to H.B. 3172, Chapter 524, Acts of the 71st Legislative (1989 Session)(the “Act”).

The District is a governmental agency and a body politic and corporate, created by, and acting pursuant to the Act as amended by S.B. 404, Chapter 22, Act of the 77th Legislative (2001 Session) and S.B. 1755, Chapter 64, Act of the 81st Legislative (2009 Session), and by applicable law including the provisions of Chapter 36 and 49 of the Texas Water Code. These bylaws are adopted to facilitate the conduct of the business of the District. In the event of any conflict between these Bylaws and applicable law, it is expressly recognized that such conflict is inadvertent and unintended, and the law shall govern.

Click here for the complete District Bylaws in PDF form.

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