Civil Penalty Schedule

Use of groundwater for purposes other than indicated on application. $1,000
Use of groundwater that constitutes “waste.” $1,000
Failure to plug an abandoned or deteriorated well within required period. $1,000
Drilling or having a well drilled, altered or re-equipped without obtaining a permit. $1,000
Falsification of records. $1,000
Providing inaccurate information & documentation. $100
Failure to execute requirements to transfer ownership of a permit or registration. $100
Failure to register a well. $100
Failure to report monthly groundwater production within the required period. $500
Producing water from a well without authorization. $1,000
Having a well drilled by an unlicensed and unauthorized Driller. $250
Having a well equipped by an unlicensed and unauthorized Pump Installer. $250
Failure to submit required documentation reflecting alterations or increased production. $1,000
Failure to permit entry to well site for inspection or testing purposes. $100
Water Well Construction and Completion Requirements as follows:
Failure to identify undesirable water. $250
Failure to contain tailings on-site. $500+ remediation
Failure to properly install identification monument pin. $100
Failure to utilize approved construction materials. $250+ remediation
Failure to properly cement annular space. $500 + remediation
Failure to complete wellhead concrete slab within 10 days of departure of the drilling rig from the well site. $100
Failure to file documentation with District within required period. $100
Failure to properly plug, to include State-approved methods & materials, an abandoned, deteriorated or undesired well. $1,000, unless otherwise provided per agreement with Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation
Failure to properly drill or complete a well for its intended use. $1,000
Installation of production equipment prior to date when Driller’s construction requirements are complete. $50
Failure to submit a completed certified statement of well completion—State of Texas Well Report (Driller’s Log)—to the District within required period. $100
Failure to install metering device for determining production. $1,000

*Wells drilled prior to February 1, 2002, are not subject to fines until January 1, 2003. Wells drilled after February 1, 2002, are subject to fines beginning July 1, 2002.

**Each day that a violation continues shall be considered a separate violation. These penalty amounts do not include attorneys’ fees, court costs, or any other costs, fees, or other relief the District may seek in a civil suit in addition to the stated penalty amounts set forth in this civil penalty schedule.

Effective February 1, 2002*
Amended March 21, 2006

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